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Franklin P. Spriggs

Experience and Education


  • Director BioPharma Services, KCAS, LLC​

  • Group Leader LBA, AIT Bioscience

  • Senior Scientist, Pfizer, Inc.

  • Sr. Associate, Amgen, Inc.


  • B.S. in Microbiology; Ohio University

  • M.S. Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs; Temple University


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Journal Articles

Islam, R., Briscoe, C., Bower, J., et. al

"11th CGG Closed Forum: cumulative stability; matrix stability; immunogenicity assays; laboratory manuals; biosimilars; chiral methods; hybrid LBA/LCMS assays; fit-for-purpose validation; China Food and Drug Administration bioanalytical method validation.

Bioanalysis, 2018 10(7), 433-444

Leal M, Wentland J, Han X, Zhang Y, Rago B, Duriga N, Spriggs F, Kadar E, Song W, McNally J, Shakey Q, Lorello, L, Lucas J, Sapra P

“Preclinical Development of an anti-5T4 Antibody-Drug Conjugate: Pharmacokinetics in Mice, Rats, and NHP and Tumor/Tissue Distribution in Mice.”

Bioconjugate Chem. 2015, 26 (11): 2223-2232

Spriggs, FP, Crisino, R.

“Highlights from the 2014 Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis Conference.”

Bioanalysis, 2015 Jan, 7(1): 9-13

Crisino, R, Luo, L, Geist, B, Zoghbi, J, Spriggs, FP.

“Matrix effect in ligand-binding assay: the importance of evaluating emerging technologies.”

Bioanalysis, 2014 Apr 6(8): 1033-1036

Spriggs, FP, Duriga, N, Rathi, A, Qu, Q.

“Resolution of matrix interference: quantitative and quasi-quantitative ligand-binding assays case studies.”

Bioanalysis, 2014 Apr, 6(8): 1093-1101

O’Hara, DM, Theobald V, Egan AC, Usansky J, Krishna M, Terwee J, Maia M, Spriggs FP, Kenney J, Safavi A, Keefe J.

“Ligand binding assays in the 21st century laboratory: recommendations for characterization and supply of critical reagents.”

AAPS J. 2012 Jun; 14(2): 316-28

Spriggs FP, Zhong ZD, Safavi A, Jani D, et. al.

“Ligand binding assays in the 21st century laboratory: platforms”

AAPS J. 2012 Mar; 14(1): 113-8

Catherine I. Soderstrom, Franklin P. Spriggs, Wei Song, Sara Burrell.

“Comparison of four distinct detection platforms using multiple ligand binding assay formats”

J Immunol Methods 371 (2011) pp. 106-113

Spriggs, F, Aggarwal, P, Deng, S, Soderstrom, C, Donovan, C

“Comparison of an antibody capture and a cell capture ligand binding assay to quantify a monoclonal therapeutic in serum”

Bioanalysis. 2011 Mar; 3(6): 605-11.

Giot, L., J. S. Bader, C. Brouwer, A. Chaudhuri, B. Kuang, Y. Li, Y. L. Hao, C. E. Ooi, B. Godwin, E. Vitols, Y. Kong, B. Zerhusen, R. Malcolm, Z. Varrone, A. Collis, M. Minto, S. Burgess, L. McDaniel, E. Stimpson, F. Spriggs, J. Williams, K. Neurath, N. Ioime, M. Agee, E. Voss, K. Furtak, R. Renzulli, N. Aanensen, S. Carrolla, E. Bickelhaupt, Y. Lazovatsky, A. DaSilva, J. Zhone, C.A. Stanyon, R.L. Finley Jr., K.P. White, M. Braverman, T. Jarvie, S. Gold, M. Leach, J. Knight, R.A. Shimkets, M.P. McKenna, J. Chant, J. M. Rothberg.

“A Protein Interaction Map of Drosophila Melanogaster.”

Science 302 (5651): 1609-1844 [featured cover]. (2003)

Wasserman S.M., F. Mehraban, L. Komuvesv, J. E. Tomlinson, Y. Zhang, F. Spriggs, J. N.Topper.

“Transcriptional Profile of Human Endothelial Cells Exposed to Fluid Shear Stress.”

Physio Genomics 12: 13-23.  (2002)

Abstracts and Posters

M. Leal, J. Wentland, N. Duriga, F. Spriggs, E. Kadar, L. Lorello, N. Earnhardt, J. Marcek, M. Giovanelli, J. McNally

“Pharmacokinetics/Toxicokinetics of an Anti-5T4 Antibody-Drug Conjugate in Mice, Rats & Monkeys”

ISSX International Meeting, Toronto Canada. (2013)

F. Spriggs, N. Duriga, A. Rathi, R. Lawrence-Henderson

“Use of Design of Experiments for Ligand Binding Assay Buffer Optimization”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Diego, CA. (2013)

A. Joyce, B. Leary, F. Spriggs, D. O’Hara, S. Leung

“Using Design of Experiments to Study Assay Buffer Component Effects Across Multiple Ligand Binding Assay Platforms”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Diego, CA. (2013)

Winner Excellence in Ligand Binding Assays Award

F. Spriggs, Q. Qu, H. Shen, L. Chen, M. Mays, D. Baltrukonis, B. Gorovits

“Development and Validation of a Ligand Binding Assay for the Detection of Anti-Drug Antibodies to a CovX Body in Human Serum”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Francisco, CA. (2011)

F. Spriggs

“Design of Experiment (DOE) for Ligand Binding Assays”

Speaker at 6th Annual PEGS Conference.

Boston, MA. (2010)

F. Spriggs

“Characteristics of the Ideal 21st Century Platform”

Speaker at National Biotechnology Conference

San Francisco, CA. (2010)

C. Soderstrom, F. Spriggs, L. King

“Comparison of Immunoassay Detection Platforms, Application to Quantitative PK Methods”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Francisco, CA. (2010)

R. Gerena, B. Evert, F. Spriggs, C. Cai, L. Hay, P. Jolicoeur, C. Soderstrom, P. Aggarwal, W. Harman, R. Tacey

“Validation of a Cell-based Pharmacokinetic (PK) Ligand Binding Assay (LBA) for the Detection of Drug X in Human Serum”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Francisco, CA (2010)

F. Spriggs

“Design of Experiments: Case Studies From a Bioanalytical Laboratory”

Speaker at 8th Annual European Biological Assays Conference.

Berlin, Germany. (2009)

F. Spriggs, S. Deng, C. Soderstrom, P. Aggarwal, L. King, H. Wang

“Comparison of a Therapeutic Target Capture Ligand Binding Assay to an Anti-Idiotype Capture Sandwich ELISA”

National Biotechnology Conference, Seattle, WA. (2009)

F. Spriggs, P. Aggarwal, C. Donovan, M. Hutzler, J. Thomas, M. Giovanelli, L. King, H. Wang

“Development and Validation of an ELISA for the Quanitification of a Novel IgG4 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutic.”

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA. (2008)

Yuling Wu, Frank Spriggs, Sariya Saiduddin, Rasagnya Rao, Lennie Uy, Cyndi Mayer, Mark Ma, Jean Lee, Binodh DeSilva

“Validation of a Biomarker of Bone Resorption Rate, TRACP 5b, in Support of Denosumab Drug Development.”

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. (2007)

Chad Ray, Thomas Graves, Franklin Spriggs, Bill Nowatzke, Vimal Patel, Jean Lee, Binodh DeSilva

“PK Repeat Re-analysis:  Where Do We Set the Cut-off?”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Diego, CA. (2007)

Yuling Wu, Cyndi Mayer, Frank Spriggs, Kinnari Pandya, Chris Macaraeg, George Doellgast, Mark Ma, Binodh DeSilva

“Development and validation of a Highly Sensitive and Robust Immunoassay for the Quantification of a Therapeutic Human Fc Peptide Fusion Protein in Human Serum.”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Diego, CA. (2007)

Jin Wang, John Laycock, Daniel Burns, David Doherty, Vimal Patel, Frank Spriggs, Joe Miller, Laura Brunner, Jessica Manlongat, Dongbei Li, Jean Lee

“Modular Application of Laboratory Robotics in bioanalytical Ligand-Binding Assays to Support Drug Development.”

National Biotechnology Conference, San Diego, CA. (2007)

Book Chapters

William Nowatzke, Franklin Spriggs, Van Fitzgerald, Aleks Davis, Ronald R. Bowsher

Chapter 8: Development and Maintenance of Critical Reagents for Ligand Binding Assays to Support Regulatory-Compliant Bioanalysis

Regulated Bioanalysis: Fundamentals and Practice, Springer International Publishing, 2017

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